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WHO WE ARE ... Our Philosophy

EP's Philosophy

Our experience with hundreds of thousands of people worldwide strongly indicates that people and organizations succeed when they have an enhanced ability to notice both their internal processes and what's happening in their environment, take personal responsibility for their own results and communicate passionately. That's the essence of our approach around: Awareness, Responsibility and Communication.

The driving philosophy behind all of EP's programs is that it is possible to design and professionally deliver an "experience" of self-discovery and enhanced perception which radically changes the course of a participant's life - it is, therefore, profoundly transformative in nature.

This "transformative experience" then supports and enables people as they strive to create their personal or organizational visions for the future. Whenever a person or organization truly "sees" what is possible, he, she or the organization becomes aware and has the possibility of moving beyond beliefs, habits and automatic behaviors which may have locked them into a reality which is usually unconscious, unprofitable and often meaningless and unsatisfying.

It is EP's core philosophy that each person has the right to choose between what is habitual and unconscious vs. what is possible. While no one can make that decision for anyone else, it is possible, perhaps imperative, that through a rigorous personal commitment to create a life of discovery, learning, effectiveness, meaning and contribution.

We believe it is truly possible to become "powered by possibility."

Read more about EP's story and our commitment to One World, One People

To learn more about Balance Point, e mail or call us at 800.659.1659 or 425.803.0303, and we'll arrange a 60 minute no-cost, no obligation evaluation by one of our professional consultants. Your managers, your clients...and your shareholders...will thank you for it!

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