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You can get valuable ideas on how to improve your personal leadership attitudes and skills plus contribute more toward your organizational effectiveness right now!

We invite you to download some FREE and powerful information that can help you get the results you want in your life and work.


Hi! I'm Robert White, the Chief Learning Officer of Balance Point International. This free information is our way of introducing you to Balance Point, our products and services and our approach to helping people and organizations create extraordinary results.

Just fill out and submit the form below and you'll get three valuable gifts described in detail below: Our 22 page report on "Unconditional Leadership," the first chapter of my book "Living an Extraordinary Life," and a free subscription to the "Powered by Possibility" e zine published monthly for people interested in being more effective -- personally and professionally.

Your e mail address will not be given out to any person or business at any time ... ever ... period. You have our word on that. See the bottom of this page for our complete privacy policy.

You'll get all of the following for FREE just seconds from now!

UNCONDITIONAL LEADERSHIP by Randy Alford and Robert White is a 22 page report that will prepare you to engage the leadership resources within and around you to create the results you want.
Based on high-impact experiential training work done with leaders from small to very large businesses in both for and non-profit settings, this report will prepare you for the dozens of choices you make each day which advance or undermine your ability to lead.

LIVING AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE -- Based on the Robert White's intensive seminar work with over 500,000 people worldwide, this book demonstrates that we all have everything it takes to live an extraordinary life – if we are willing to take charge of our lives and discover the true meanings of awareness, personal responsibility and masterful communication. Just click below and you'll receive the Introduction and the first two chapters of this wonderful book.

POWERED BY POSSIBILITY and An Extraordinary Minute with Robert White -- These free eZines contain powerful ideas on how to lead and manage yourself and others more effectively:

  • POWERED BY POSSIBILITY is published monthly and includes a feature article on personal and professional growth, supporting quotes from great thinkers and a "rave recommendation" for further learning, growth and... fun!
  • An Extraordinary Minute with Robert White drops into your in-box once a week with a quote, some fun or positive uplifting thought. As promised...reading time one minute or less! Impact time...perhaps a lifetime!

Many subscribers tell me that they both learn new ideas for being more effective and get reminded of things they already knew ... and perhaps had forgotten to practice.


Request this free information if you're serious about your personal and organizational leadership development.

Thanks for visiting the Balance Point International website!

Robert White
Chief Learning Officer

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