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Many firms claim to help you "manage cultural change." Most are ineffective for the same simple reason: their efforts are directed at organizational systems and structures, without acknowledging the most important element in the equation - the people.

Look around. Human factors are what stand in the way of real, lasting, and effective change and these factors are exactly what Balance Point successfully addresses. Rather than "managing change," we help you create real change where it all begins - the hearts and minds of your people.

The most ignored aspect of a company's infrastructure - and the one that can make or break an organization - is its corporate culture. Companies use EP's consulting, training and executive coaching services to bring added value and high performance to their human systems.

Through carefully-structured programs, we assist management in clearly defining the company's purpose, values and vision, formulating goals to achieve that vision and personal responsibility throughout the organization.


"I'm a graduate of this leadership training, a coaching client of Robert White and our company has used Robert and his team to lead powerful and effective off-site seminars for our top executives.  This  is a consistently powerful training and development resource that has made a positive impact on me and my organization. I highly recommend their work."


Donald Fancher
President and CEO
HydraTight Sweeney Inc.

WE BELIEVE that all positive changes in societies, organizations, relationships and individuals stem from the possibilities a single individual is able to envision. Bringing one's vision into the realm of shared reality - real organizational results - requires communicating clear goals, enlisting belief in them, and enlisting each employee to take responsibility for execution and accomplishment.


EP's principals have conducted major change projects for companies from giants like JP Morgan Chase, Duke Energy and General Public Utilities and smaller organizations like Career Track and Concept Restaurants. Read on to learn more about our approach and what we've accomplished in partnership with our clients.


Balance Point offers several small group seminars for corporate leaders that focus on developing personal vision, responsibility, leadership, communication and successfully integrating their personal, work and community commitments. For information about these programs, click here.


Adults learn, grow and develop in different ways depending on individual learning styles and preferences. The Network's resources are designed to engage you in opportunities to deepen and extend understanding, including opportunities to ask questions and network with Balance Point Seminar Leaders and other participants.


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