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"EP's work ... has exceeded our expectations: we have a clear sense of our corporate mission, purpose, vision and values with a company-wide commitment to changing our old command and control culture to a more dynamic, accountable, entrepreneurial culture. We credit you and your team with much of our success."

- Jeffrey C. Reiss, Chairman & CEO, CareerTrak


A group of any size will adopt and pursue shared goals only to the extent that those involved can openly share and align their personal concerns and interests plus generate a shared commitment to results.

Change & Opportunity

Change is inevitable - for better or for worse - in the developmental life of an organization. Positive change is sometimes serendipitous; however, why wait for a lucky accident? Breakthroughs in attitude and purpose can also be initiated and facilitated through reliable processes. Insights can be cultivated, then refined and channeled into effective actions. These in turn, can be multiplied over time by implementing feedback mechanisms and reinforcement.

The key is recognizing the impact of your company's culture on its success and having the will to develop a culture that provides demonstrable benefits to everyone - executives, employees, shareholders, customers and your community.

If you are committed to having your company move steadily and swiftly toward its goals, it's because you are using three elemental tools:

We have identified three basic business "events" that typically precipitate acute changes within corporate cultures. They are often interrelated, and one often precedes another. For practical purposes, choose the one which predominates (or soon will) within your organization - and read on.

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