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Four hours per month. Forty eight hours per year. Half professional growth. Half personal growth. Extraordinary content and learning design. Professional trainers, learner's guide and media support. Conducted in your neighborhood. V2M is a unique, proven effective developmental resource for managers who want to produce better results with people and projects. It's a powerful program for developing winners.


We recommend examining the cost of V2M in your organization through the filter of its value - your potential return on investment personally and professionally.

Let's put this into context: V2M offers an entire year of learning, development and performance improvement for the cost of a four or five day workshop - and it's held in your community so there's no additional hotel or travel costs. What is the value of the V2M program? What do your managers learn, and what are the benefits and results for your organization?


"As a former educator myself, and having had a career in Human Resources for nearly ten years at the time, effective training and development programs are of utmost importance to me. Without a doubt, Value 2 Management is the best leadership and management development program I have encountered in my professional life...we decided to send groups of eight managers per year...every one of the participants have nothing but praise for the program."


Debra Udycz,
Director of Human Resources
UW Physicians

Learning from the masters

Participants generate skill and performance improvements in twenty four core competencies:

  • 12 Professional Management Skills: hiring, coaching planning, negotiation, customer service, performance management, talent management, time and priority setting and much more.
  • 12 Personal and Interpersonal Skills: communication, listening, conflict resolution, work -life balance, creative problem solving and much, much more.
  • In addition to building professional competencies and the habit of continuous learning and improvement, participants in V2M also receive a steady stream of new ideas and best practices by working with successful managers from other businesses and organizations.

"Thanks for the great year.  Every time I take one of your courses I learn something...more importantly I got to see how my new counterparts here at Icom related to your subjects. As one of the old guard...I like to keep my edge sharp and to keep my management style moving forward and your course does that very well.  Thanks again for all you've done for me and I will always recommend your courses."


Bruce Grote
Distribution Manager
Icom America

Benefits to your organization

Improving the professional, personal and interpersonal skills and attitudes of your management team generates:

Reductions in:

  • employee stress
  • absenteeism & turnover
  • work errors, rework, etc.
  • discipline efforts and resistance

Improvements in:

  • morale & motivation
  • communication & teamwork
  • efficiency, effectiveness & productivity
  • work quality & customer service
  Professional management development also leads to the enhancement of organizational capabilities and strength, your organization's ability to:
  • identify and take advantage of new opportunities
  • adapt to an ever-changing business environment
  • foster team and organizational learning
  • compete and win in your chosen marketplace

"You gave us a reality check on what is happening in our industry and how the client has changed. The results are astounding."


Dennis R. Allison
Wapato Point Development Co.

You'll create the results you want

The learning structure and benefits described above will help your organization achieve real and sustainable bottom-line results by helping each manager:

  • improve their leadership and ability to solve problems
  • increase effectiveness through better recruiting, selection and management of talent
  • improve customer and staff satisfaction
  • gain strength through enhanced self esteem, self worth and courage

"The interpersonal skills module is worth gold to any company that cares about its people."


Edwin H. McMullen
Marriott Corporation


To learn more about Balance Point, e mail or call us at 800.659.1659 or 425.803.0303, and we'll arrange a 60 minute no-cost, no obligation evaluation by one of our professional consultants. Your managers, your clients...and your shareholders...will thank you for it!

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