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WHAT CLIENTS SAY ... Leadership & Management Training Clients

Satisfied Customers of EP's Leadership Training
and Value 2 Management Programs

"Robert White and his talented training crew worked with me and my team to increase the leadership and management abilities of my hotel and restaurant General Managers. After installing a strong 'outcome oriented' attitude and performance management system, he also worked several layers down in the organization and I'm delighted with the results!"
  Kevin Brown
Concept Restaurants, Inc.
"I'm a graduate of the leadership training, a coaching client of Robert White and our company has used Robert and his team to lead powerful and effective off-site seminars for our top executives.   This  is a consistently powerful training and development resource that has made a positive impact on me and my organization. I highly recommend their work."
  Donald Fancher
President and CEO
HydraTight Sweeney Inc.
"As a former educator myself, and having had a career in Human Resources for nearly ten years at the time, effective training and development programs are of utmost importance to me . Without a doubt, Value 2 Management is the best leadership/management development program I have encountered in my professional life...we decided to send groups of eight managers per year...every one of the participants have nothing but praise for the program."
  Debra Udycz
Director of Human Resources
UW Physicians
"Thanks for the great year.  Every time I take one of your courses I learn something... more importantly I got to see how my new counterparts here at Icom related to your subjects.  As one of the old guard...I like to keep my edge sharp and to keep my management style moving forward and your course does that very well. Thanks again for all you've done for me and I will always recommend your courses."
  Bruce Grote
Distribution Manager
Icom America
"You gave us a reality check on what is happening in our industry and how the client has changed. The results are astounding."
  Dennis R. Allison
Wapato Point Development Co.
"The interpersonal skills module is worth gold to any company that cares about its people."
  Edwin H. McMullen
Marriott Corporation
"...I believe your material is cutting edge training and perfectly positioned. Your thirst for new knowledge and ongoing research provides a fascinating look at human potential in a totally different light..."
  Les Hewitt
Achievers Canada
"As I reflect on the training session, I'm struck by the sheer energy expended in your effort to stimulate fifty minds. The growth I witnessed was outstanding."
  Capt. Brian McCarthy
U. S. Naval Reserve


To learn more about Balance Point, e mail or call us at 800.659.1659 or 425.803.0303, and we'll arrange a 60 minute no-cost, no obligation evaluation by one of our professional consultants. Your managers, your clients...and your shareholders...will thank you for it!

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