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WHAT CLIENTS SAY ... Executive Seminars & Executive Coaching

Satisfied Customers of EP's Executive Seminars & Executive Coaching Engagements

"The Aspen Experience was truly life changing... There were relationships developed that week that I know will last a lifetime. I will never again underestimate the power and benefit of introspection and self-renewal. I can't think of a better way to spend at minimum one week per year. I will forever treasure the opportunity."
  Kimberly Davis
Senior Vice President, Global Development
Chase Manhattan Bank
"This experience gave me a clearer sense of what my life is about, what is possible, what an incredible gift life is. Part of me always wanted to go one way while another part wanted another. After the seminar, I've been clear about my focus. It seems like everything in my life is working in alignment toward that focus. It's very exciting and I'm very proud of the song I wrote to celebrate my experience - "The Gift You Are."
  John Denver
Singer, Songwriter, Activist
"My work in the Balance Point seminar allowed me to uncover and heal a [hidden] wound that had been adversely affecting my interactions with my coworkers for over 20 years. This discovery gave me a new sense of freedom and improved effectiveness in dealing with my colleagues."
  Ken Fischer
Marketing Executive
"Nine years ago, Robert White helped me discover my true desire to enjoy my life with my partners, and appreciate unfathomable passion in life. This discovery has stayed with me and will last for the rest of my life."
  Makoto Higashi
Business Executive
"The Seminar experience was the single most powerful learning event in my life. I was able to create a much deeper understanding of my life's journey and see how to make a bigger difference and greater contribution to others. I believe the personal results that are possible in the seminar coupled with the reinforcement from the book Living an Extraordinary Life are so extensive and pervasive, it would be impossible for anyone not to learn and grow significantly."
  Martin Beresford
Representative Director
USA and Japan
"To say their programs are life changing sounds so clichéd but I thank God for the opportunity to be challenged to examine my goals and the path I am on. This has indeed led to me change my life by aligning my goals and path in such a way that I have seen my dreams come true"
  Craig Burrows
Missionary and Aid Director
The Philippines
"The Balance Point seminars made real for me the theoretical knowledge that my life is truly my own responsibility - right now! The seminars were a major milestone in my life."
  John Durham
Media Production Manager
"Balance Point worked with me and my team to increase the leadership and management abilities of my hotel and restaurant General Managers. After installing a strong 'outcome oriented' attitude and performance management system, they also worked several layers down in the organization and I'm delighted with the results "
  Kevin Brown
Concept Restaurants, Inc.
"I'm a graduate of EP's exceptional leadership training, a coaching client of Robert White and our company has used their teams to lead powerful and effective off-site seminars for our top executives.  This is a consistently powerful training and development resource that has made a positive impact on me and my organization. I highly recommend their work."
  Donald Fancher
President and CEO
HydraTight Sweeney Inc.

To learn more about Balance Point, e mail or call us at 800.659.1659 or 425.803.0303, and we'll arrange a 60 minute no-cost, no obligation evaluation by one of our professional consultants. Your managers, your clients...and your shareholders...will thank you for it!

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