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ABOUT Balance Point ... One World, One People

One World-One People Foundation

EP's Outreach Projects & Goals for Creating One World, One People

It is the responsibility of each operating unit of Balance Point and the individuals within it to determine their independent vision, strategy, mission, goals and projects that forward the action toward one world, one people. Our staff and graduates world wide have built over 40 kindergartens in Sri Lanka, financed a play room at Ronald McDonald House in Hong Kong and the International Communications room at the new Kempe Center (for healing child abuse and neglect) in Denver, Colorado. Balance Point did the enrollment work for the three most successful Windstar Foundation's Choices Symposiums, created and funded the Higher Ground events throughout America ... and much, much more.

Christmas, 1997 brought the launching of the Children's Globe Bank project. 30,000 children's origami banks were distributed to first, create a positive, life affirming conversation about serving others between parents and children and second, to raise money for children's charities worldwide. The packages were prepared in English, Japanese and Chinese. This program reached thousands of children with an important values lesson and raised money for children in need.

These are major projects requiring substantial investments of time, money and creativity so you might disqualify yourself and say "I could never do that." I want to convince you otherwise by sharing a brief story that I heard immediately after John Denver's death in 1997.

John's friend and mine, Judy Hill, related that she met John 30 years ago before he was famous. He was standing in front of the Aspen, Colorado post office inside an empty cardboard refrigerator box that he had painted to look like a jukebox. He had cut a "picture window" in it so you could see his face and cut a slot for inserting money. He was committed to building a mental health clinic in Aspen, his new hometown, and was offering to sing any song you wanted in return for a donation to the clinic. The point, of course, is that he did what he could do at a time when he had little money and no fame. He sang.

Years later when John attended EP's VisionQuest Seminar we donated to the Windstar Foundation, we did our exercise where people "take a stand" for their purpose in life. He was first up in the group of 35 and, in my many years of conducting that exercise, he was the first person to ever 'get it' in one try without editing. His stand was:

"I am a song. I live to be sung. I sing with all my heart !"

When I heard the juke box story, I thought of his stand from the seminar. He had been living his stand in ways large and small for many years. John's life can be an inspiration and guide to all of us:

Discover our purpose and vision then live them fully, knowing that within our stand is the opportunity to contribute our unique gifts and create a better world for ourselves, our children, for all of us ... one world, one people.

Expanding the One World, One People Effort

While I have great pride in Balance Point and the contribution we make to creating one world, one people, it's becoming increasingly clear to me that for this vision to be realized we must open it up to participation from every part of society. The involvement of other seminar companies, religious and governmental organizations, schools and committed individuals and corporations, is needed and wanted by the One World, One People Associations world-wide. Only with their participation will we reach the maximum number of people with this message. Only with their participation will we continue to learn what we need to learn to make this idea real in the world. Only with their participation will we be modeling what we teach---to end separation and create a world that works for all its people. This is my personal stand. I have dedicated my life to healing my own separation at any level and acting so that I can generate an environment where others can embrace and own the vision of one world, one people. I invite you to join me. We can and will make a difference.

Robert White

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